5 week puppy update!

5 week puppy update!

The pups continue to grow and thrive.  They are happily transitioning from mama's milk to puppy mush.  Their interest in us humans is growing every day and those little tails wag furiously when our little girls come for play time.

They are a week away from getting their first immunizations, so have not yet socialized with any of our other dogs.  But their father, Leo is eager to meet them.

Their dexterity and curiosity is increasing by the day.  We are gradually introducing new play items, such as a ball, or small plushie or chew toy here and there.

We have noticed that this litter is (so far) a bit quieter than some and are very affectionate with us and each other.  They are playful while together, and when we pick them up, they just want to snuggle!

Please stay tuned for next week where we will include a video introducing each one.

And, without further adieu, here are the stars of the show!

Red Girl

Orange Boy

Yellow Girl

Green Girl

Teal Boy

Blue Boy

Purple Boy

Tan Boy

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