"I always told my kids we would never get a dog, so when it came time to really consider a dog, I was only willing to get the best. I talked with Dakota at High Desert Labradoodles and she reassured me that these pups really are GREAT dogs. Our Ozzy is 8 months olds now and I have to say I AGREE!!! I’ve never loved a dog as much as I love this one. He’s truly become part of our family and we take him everywhere with us on all of our Central Oregon outdoor adventures. The guidance and resources we got from High Desert Labradoodles really helped us to succeed with training and integrating Ozzy into our family. He’s been easy to train (easier than my kids!) and brings so much joy to our lives. Also - the “no dog hair” situation has been so great!  I never feel guilty about taking him along where other people may have allergies. I can even pet him or kiss him with wet hands without getting hair all over me - it’s really a huge difference from shedding dogs. Thank you HD Labradoodles for matching us with our sweet boy. We love him so!!!!"

-Kindra Kennedy


“We had our first Australian labradoodle for 5 years and have wanted to bring home another one for a while.  Opportunity arose and Enzo came to us at 9 weeks old.  They bonded from day one.  Enzo loves his big brother, learned his tricks fast and potty trained quickly.  They are inseparable.

Enzo is playful, smart and loves to please.  He is now happily settled with my two young kids who adore him. They will snuggle and play together every morning. So much joy!”

--Karei Lun


"We are so thrilled to have our  Dorothy that we adopted from High Desert Labradoodles. She is quite the showstopper and everyone who meets her needs to know what kind of dog she is, where did we get her, and how can they get a hold of Dakota to get one for themselves! 😜

She is such a gem with so much personality, and we love taking her for adventures. She has already had quite a few plane rides & driving trips and has handled it all like a pro. Australian Labradoodles are such a great breed and Dorothy is so perfect for our family."