Leo + Rue are expecting April 2024!

These pups will be ready to go home mid-June. Her last litter was 8 pups, and we expect this one to be similar.

We have several reservations for this litter already, but some spots are still open.

We are taking applications for our April and Fall litters of puppies at this time.

There are two steps to reserving your puppy

  1. Fill out an application
  2. Pay the $500 deposit

We have a very special way of raising exceptional dogs.

To begin with, we  only breed dogs that have been rigorously health and temperament tested. All of our breeding dogs are raised with their own families across Oregon who are very devoted guardian parents that provide lots of love, attention and training to their dogs. When these dogs aren’t parenting, they are living rich full lives as members of a family.

For us, a dog’s temperament is the #1 criteria for dogs chosen to be part of  our breeding program. We look for dogs that are affectionate and engaging. Dogs that can be playful and athletic with you and also be calm enough to not go nuts if you need to do projects around the house or just veg out for the weekend. We call these balanced dogs and this is the temperament we choose to breed.

Australian Labradoodles are a different dog than other "doodles" in part because they actually have 6  breeds that go into making an ALD.  They aren't just Lab + Poodle, or Lab + Golden Retriever. Those simple mixes can result in unpredictable appearances and personalities. 

Multi Generational Australian Labradoodles have:

  • Labrador.
  • Poodle.
  • English Cocker Spaniel.
  • American Cocker Spaniel.
  • Curly Coat Retriever.
  • Irish Water Spaniel.

So, part of  what produces the lovely balanced temperament of our dogs  is  the genetics of Multi-gen Australian Labradoodles, part of this is the temperament of the dogs we choose to breed, and part of this is the unique socialization program that we do at High Desert Labradoodles. 

We intentionally only breed one litter at a time so we have plenty of time to devote to each puppy in each litter we raise and plenty of time to devote to their mother too!

In our program, our puppies are put through a developmentally appropriate curriculum (much like preschool for children) that begins in pregnancy really. 

During pregnancy, our dams are given a calm, nurturing environment from her guardian which facilitate the release of more calming hormones which we know affects the nervous system of the developing puppy towards a calmer temperament.  We continue with a gentle, quiet environment during delivery with classical music playing, lights low, and me in the whelping space petting mom during the entire delivery process. 

Once pups are 3 days old we begin early scent introduction and early neurological stimulation to help stimulate their neurological development. This program continues and expands over the 8 weeks  to include basic potty training, basic crate training, riding in the car with me daily as I drive my kids to and from school and lots of socialization from strangers who are part of our volunteer program. This ensures that each of our puppies has the very best foundation we can give them to be smart,  responsive, easy going dogs who adapt to new environments quickly and bond deeply with their forever families.

Each puppy gets a lot of attention from us as well as from the volunteers that come to hold, play and help to socialize each litter.  Every puppy we breed will have had weeks of being held, snuggled, read to, sang to and generally toted around by our children - and they show us with lots of wagging tails and licks on our cheeks that they love the attention.

This way of raising a litter of puppies is unique and the results are exceptional puppies. We think you will agree. 

Health Guarantee

Each puppy is health and temperament tested and comes with a 2 year health warranty, a veterinarian health certificate, and has received their first age appropriate immunizations. We screen for genetic diseases such as cancer, hip and elbow dysplasia, cardiac and PRA (progressive retinal atrophy). Our extensive health screening combined with our health guarantee gives you a healthy puppy and peace of mind.

How to Reserve your puppy

Our Puppies Cost: $3000

Deposit: $500 (goes toward total purchase price)

This Price Includes: Healthy puppy vet exam, first round puppy vaccines, deworming, 2 year-long genetic health guarantee, initial crate training, toy, homemade puppy treats and a lifetime of breeder support.

1. Please read through our FAQ page. Many of our important policies that we expect for all families to know prior to applying are on this page.

2. Fill out application here.

3. We will contact you to confirm receipt of application and potentially ask any follow up questions and confirm availability

4. Once we’ve received your application, then we will ask you to send a $500 non-refundable reservation fee to be added to our litter reservation list.

5. The remaining $2500 balance of the final purchase price due when puppy is seven weeks old.

Reservations fees - are taken in the order that they are received. Deposits are non-refundable but can be applied to other litters should the litter you requested not have availability or should your circumstances change. Payments can be made directly on this site or you can mail a personal check. Once we have received your deposit you will officially be placed on a reservation list.

Communication - We will contact you with are estimated due date and notify you once puppies are born and provide you a detailed “next steps” email.

When Your Puppy is Born....

Miniature/Small: 20-35 lbs,  Height: 14-16″

Medium: 30-50 lbs, Height: 17-19″

Standard: 45-65 lbs, Height: 20-25″

Life Expectancy:

Labradoodles may live for approximately 12-15 years