Our Dogs

High Desert Labradoodles are breeders of exceptional non-shedding, hypoallergenic multi-generation Australian Labradoodles. 

Our focus is breeding small to medium multi generational, non shedding Australian Labradoodles with temperaments that are ideal for family dogs and therapy dogs. We proudly introduce our dogs….



Mountain View's Poppy for High Desert (aka Rosie)

Bend High Desert Australian Labradoodle Puppies

High Desert Labradoodle’s Poppy Rose (Rosie)  is everyone’s best friend! She likes everyone and everyone likes her. Rosie greets anyone or any animal she meets with warmth and curiosity. Her tail is always wagging and she has a gentle friendliness that makes everyone want to pet her.

She is sweet, affectionate and extremely gentle with kids and other dogs.  Rosie is a "foodie" and very easy to train with a strong will to please, great eye contact and sustained attention span.



Color: Red
Coat: Fleece
Size: 18 inches at the shoulder, 43 lbs.  Medium size.



Mountain View's Prima for High Desert (aka Rue) 

Bend High Desert Australian Labradoodle Puppies
Everyone wants a dog like Rue!  She's smart, sweet , and athletic with a warm, gentle personality and a gaze that melts your heart.  She's cute as they come!  Rue is our smallest with a wonderful red fleece non-shedding coat. Her kind and generous guardian family involve Rue in all of their activities from road trips to camping to playing at the beach. Rue’s family adore her affectionate, sweet personality. 
Color: Red
Coat: fleece
Size: 17 inches at the shoulder, 30 lbs.  Small size.




Mountain View's Leonardo for High Desert (aka Leo)

Bend High Desert Australian Labradoodle Puppies Hold onto your heart! Leo has everyone swooning and in love with his easy going, mellow personality and phenomenal good looks. He’s the kind of dog that you can take anywhere and do anything with. Leo is gentle with the kids, gets along great with other dogs and knows how to chill out and relax. He’s smart, affectionate and utterly adorable with his Red Mismark coloring, white socks and extra soft fleece coat. Leo’s expected full size is 30 lbs and 17-18 inches tall.
Color: Red Tuxedo (Carries for Parti)
Coat: Fleece
Size: Estimated full size: 18 inches at the shoulder, 30 lbs, Medium size  





High Desert Labradoodle's Pippa (Dog Socializer)

Bend High Desert Australian Labradoodle Puppies

Affectionately know as “Perfect Pippa,”  this dog’s personality has it all. Pippa is calm, smart, ready for any outdoor adventure you dream up and will hike or run for miles but will just as easily settle next to you for a Netflix marathon. She’s as gentle and trustworthy as they come and an excellent puppy socializer. Pippa’s is a small size at 22 lbs and 17 inches tall with a soft apricot coat and big sweet eyes that will mesmerize you.

Color: apricot
Coat: wavy fleece
Size: 16 inches at the shoulder, 24 lbs, miniature/small size





Contributing Sires


Earth Angels Theodore for Mountain View (aka Teddy)


Color: Apricot Tuxedo (Carries for Parti)   
Coat: Fleece
Size: 18″ at shoulders and 35 lbs - Medium Size
Health: OFA hips good. Elbows, patellas, cardiac normal. CERF normal  




Mountain View's Jefferson

Color: Black     
Coat: Fleece
Size: 19″ at shoulders and 35 lbs - Medium Size
Health: PennHIP .34 (R) .36 (L). Elbows, patellas, cardiac normal. CERF normal.