Puppy payment options

Please choose from the following options for your puppy.

When paying the deposit or paying for a puppy in full, you will be asked to sign our purchase agreement.

Before paying for your deposit, please fill out an application to tell us more about you.

We are working on an online form, but until then it works best to just email it to us. Thank you for your patience!

Puppy Essential Supplies

These are some items that we use and have found to be great quality. Please let us know how you like them. Or if you have other items you love, we’d love to hear that too!

Paw Tree Dog Food

We feed this to all our dogs and pups and consider it to be of the highest quality. Use the discount code HDDOODLES for up to 25% off.

Visit PawTree

NuVet Labs

Use code 513155 (included in button below) to connect with us there.

Visit NuVet